Guest asks: are your working hours? Did I want to come and look at weekend?

a: our business hours are normal business .  9:00---18:00  Saturday weekend Tathagata store selected clothing, or to shop at night after work, please contact customer service in advance.

guests asked: photos I like, I want to select a few more finishing the book what about the price?

answer: Hello, photo finishing the book is $ 20/  such as photo albums page is $ 150/2 pages   include design

guest asks: is your method of payment?

answer: after reservation deposit 20%, balance paid shoot please prepare cash the same day. Overseas customers payment via PayPal or Bank.

guests asked: package prices include all charges? Is there another later consumption?

a: Yes, there is no implicit consumption! Clothing does not increase, cosmetic accessories, and all gratis, and shot the same day exterior fares, fuel costs are provided by the Studio. Shoot day including lunch by client of the working group.

guests asked: can choose several locations?

a: location is not restricted, you can all the selected location, the photographer will usually recommend that you take one or two interior matches.

guests asked: what does that location have?

a: specific sites recommended by the photographer. In addition to the urban area around and outside the Westlake location, we have a five-star hotel + cruise in Qiandao Lake real Bank base + lamp set, Tonglu Bobby pine Manor location base, Hangzhou Prague location base.

guests asked: are you one to one service?

a: Yes, shooting day by photographers, makeup artists, assistants, vehicles, drivers all day one-on-one service, wedding photos once in a lifetime, and will not let you down ~

guests asked: from take to take the photos and how long does it take?

answer: regular pickups for 30-45 days, in order to ensure the quality of products and services: extension of time may be adequate in particular seasons, as the first half of season three   four   in May, the second half of season nine   10   in November.