Introduction to photography

Introduction to photography: 10 tips for DSLR newbie
If you are a newcomer to d-SLR photography enthusiasts, can't wait to pick up the camera out for some "shocking" work, so here are 10 tips to remind you something may not be aware of the fact. These suggestions are very simple, but very useful.

1.  what you see not what you get.

2.  If you want to take a picture and see the same picture, you need a deep understanding of the light. It takes a lot of time, practice and patience.

3.  photographer's most valuable asset is the ability to judge in advance and always ready to shoot.

4.  all of the equipment there.

5.  you can see some of the best works are not by accident. They are the result of careful thinking and planning.

6.  just to overcome inertia for taking pictures is not enough. You need to keep learning and improving.

7.  using DSLR doesn't mean must use manual mode. Your attention should be on the shooting.

8.  even if you are not aware, but most online photo through post-processing. Spend some time mastering these skills, you will benefit a lot.

9.  attention to piece rate. You shoot a lot of photos, only a small number of values.

10.  expensive equipment does not mean better pictures. You should be familiar with the existing equipment.

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