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How to adjust the DC white balance
Many white-balance concept is not very clear, do not know how to correctly set the adjustment that many early digital camera photos taken on color is not satisfactory. To truly understand the white balance, we'll look at the following concepts.   

      different shades of light light is different. Different light colors are described in terms of color temperature, unit is the Kelvin (k), it is defined as: the ideal of a pure black metal material at room temperature heating, with the rising temperature objects will show a different color, people of different color temperature color temperature, this standard defines color of visible light. The cloudless sky a color temperature of about 10000 K, cloudy about 7000-9000 K, sunny color temperature is about 5600K under direct sunlight, fluorescent lamp's color temperature is about 4700 K, tungsten color temperature is approximately 3200k, tungsten color temperature is approximately 2600 K, sunrise or sunset when the color temperature is about 2000 K, a color temperature of about 1000 K by candlelight.  

      in a variety of different light conditions, the color of a target will change. In this connection, the people most sensitive to changes in white objects: indoors under tungsten light, white object appeared to be a orange tint, captured in such a light yellow landscape will; but if it is under the blue sky, a blue tint. In the blue light shot out of the scenery. In order to reduce the impact of external light on the target color, in different temperature conditions are able to restore the subject target color, which require color correction of digital camera, in order to achieve the correct color balance. White objects reflect the entire visible spectrum, so the digital camera as a set of standards, made a manual white balance adjustment, white balance will try to put a certain range in addition to pure white other colors made with pure white, if the part is yellow, it will strengthen the blue reduces picture yellow in color, in order to achieve a more natural color. Digital camera as long as the white object correctly restored when object is white, under the same lighting conditions can correctly restore the colour of the object. So called white balance adjustment. It divided into automatic and manual adjustment and manual more accurate and larger adjustment range. While the traditional camera is using a different film (daylight, lighting) or a different color filter to achieve the correct color balance.  

       If you want a more correct PP color, manual white balance adjustment under the spot light  , and specific actions: If the set has a pure white object (such as the plain white walls), with camera full camera viewfinders, manual white balance adjustment (adjustment method is different for different machines, refer to instruction, Typically hold the manual white balance button 1-2 seconds is ready you are prompted), you can. See what happened to the screen (SLR digital cameras cannot see the adjustment effect)? if the spot is not a pure white object, with a white adjustable white balance better, but be sure to note in the subject field under the light. Of course, you can also use manual white balance set we need partial color effect. Such as: Blue camera (like the sky) to adjust white balance, such as Sunrise, sunset.

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