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Basic outdoor portraits and landscapes wedding photography techniques and considerations
First, on sunny days:

1.1, sunny outdoor portrait photography:

sunny day is a good day for outdoor photography, plenty of light, cheerful mood is an important guarantee to take a good photo. But not on sunny days can literally take a good portrait photography, of which there are many areas in need of attention. Due to 51 holiday value summer season, in sunny of when Sun direct compared strongly, and in strongly of Sun following for portrait photography is compared difficult of a things, so in time Shang General select in sunny of 9 o'clock in the morning to 11 points, Dragon photography wedding photography, Chengdu wedding or is sunny of 3 o'clock in the afternoon to 5 points are good, because this two paragraph time Sun location than lower, light not is strongly, Sun in dipped Shi brightness moderate, not like noon of Sun Xia easy produced ugly of shadow.

in addition, soft character of the Sun's performance is relatively good, the eye is not easy under the influence of light, take out pictures look more natural. In the choice of location is there, in the shade or shady places more suitable for shooting soft light portrait photography, and when exposed to the Sun, light is strong, light rays is quite obvious, easy to use sunlight to create a special image.

     too strong light and subjects are easily affected by excess of light and exposure, loss of detail and sense of depth.

in terms of equipment, due to the sunny day light is sufficient, so not very strict with the equipment. But in outdoor portraits, often using reflectors, reflector is the most popular of EXCLUDE, fill light, eliminate shadows, prominent eyes, and so on which all of the help, and with it, take out pictures makes a big difference.

sunny in the main light is more noticeable when shooting outdoor portraits, character outlines easy shadow because the strong light, then we must use reflectors reflect light or absorb light to eliminate shadows.

Dragon photography wedding photography, Chengdu photos other both soft reflector plate function, when used in our flexo plate strong light can be soft, staring people in the softer light.

1.2, sunny outdoor landscape photography:

sunny weather should be the most suitable for landscape photography, light, images at this time because of high permeability, colorful, easy to produce a good. And on a clear day when the direction of light is quite obvious, so when shooting landscapes on sunny days the light used is very important. Sunny Ray is generally divided into several objects, the light is taken from behind the camera shooting front light, on the contrary, from the light hits the camera called the backlight behind the subject.

     from the camera and shot over the light next to the subject called half backlight or oblique light. In the case of backlighting or half the backlight when shooting, the contrast of light and shadow makes the subject generated a sense of depth. Sunset light is just half of the backlight. When the front light is very flat landscape images, backlight or half backlight screen will become very lively.

Second, on a cloudy day:

2.1, cloudy outdoor portrait photography:

for outdoor portraits should be used for which type of light, many people often choose to shine bright direct sunlight from behind, positive light directly on the subject matter. Direct rays but most of the time the subjects would have to squint. If the position of the Sun, squinting of the light was flat on his face. If the position of the Sun is high, eyes and nose will have shadows. No matter which angle is not satisfactory.

this time don't let subjects at the direct rays of the Sun, which should place the subjects in a mild diffuse light. This trouble is easier to be solved on a cloudy day, as people know it, shooting outdoor portraits, many experts prefer a cloudy overcast day, rather than sunny days. So relative to the strong summer sun sunny,

Dragon photography wedding photography, wedding in Chengdu cloudy weather may be a more suitable photograph. But on a cloudy day in the portraits, there are many interesting problems.

like said above, the light and cloudy days can be achieved and more light degree of the subject better, but sometimes cloudy day light is also an annoying problem, this time on high requirements for the camera. First you of camera in light insufficient of situation Xia need using to high of speed to gets more stable of shutter speed, but high speed and will to quality brings compared big of effect, in consumption level digital camera above especially serious, then you on should using a Taiwan digital SLR camera has, Dragon photography wedding photography, Chengdu wedding after all high speed in digital SLR camera Shang face quality of effect than consumption level digital camera above many has.

lens configuration problems, cloudy days can often seem low light and low light when using high speed shutter speed is to get a more stable, using a large aperture lens is also a way to get faster shutter speeds, for digital SLR, however, large aperture lenses are generally more expensive. Not enough light on a cloudy day when tripods are also more commonly used tools, in a slightly darker light, slow shutter when tripod than no tripod shooting success rate was much higher.

2.2, cloudy outdoor landscape photography:

cloudy days light is softer and not as strong as sunny direct light, it is more suitable for some serene and tranquil landscape theme. Some smoke from the village's fields and rural scenes, is actually a cloudy day photograph, great atmosphere, and very exotic. On a cloudy day when shooting landscapes are also very vulnerable to low light conditions, and Tripod use becomes more important.

third, on a rainy day:

3.1, outdoor photography rain:

rainy day we can take what? Romantic xiefengxiyu wet, street view, as well as the exciting lightning. Characterized on a rainy day, water reflections, rain scene reflective of strong, when it rains, due to the diffusion of light, everything seems to be showing a different color than the usual. This diffuse light fantastic, plenty of those in the Sun often seem garish color tempered diluted, especially when colour was taken, and umbrellas in the hands of different colors, often rain Jing Sheng, if ingenious use of the reflection in the water, more spice.

If you want to shoot a falling raindrop, you must choose a dark color background, a more appropriate selection of lateral backlight or backlight. Dark in the rain, exposure times tend to be longer. Rain's most distinctive sights should be lightning, and lightning this natural phenomenon is very common, and shot this image and shoot other natural landscapes is not too difficult. If you've ever learned about flash photography, or listen to those more experienced photographers telling you secrets of shooting Lightning: "f/8, and then just stay there and wait. "This is a very useful way to shoot lightning, but f/8 is right, but that's not a good idea, watch out for Lightning the next visit is you! So when you shoot Lightning Safety is very important.

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