Introduction to photography

Professional photographers will teach you how to use a macro lens
No matter where you are, what focal length of the lens, you can take wonderful photos. Let us at the same location, using five different types of lenses, tell you the clever use of the camera.

• macro lens

When you experience the charm of a macro lens after the every corner of the world in front of you will be different.

worlds apart completed microcosms in the macro lens perfect interpretation of what is called "a heaven in a grain of sand."

macro lens can get familiar with the macroscopic world we enter a world not seen before. Almost all photographers new to macro lens, can't see the little things like that make usual fill the frame, but macro lenses and much more easy to use. Macro lenses are fixed-focus lens, the focal length from 35 to 200mm, relatively large aperture, blur background   for their outstanding quality is also very good, especially at close range.

in the General case, you can use macro lens as a very good quality prime lens. Most macro lenses maximum aperture of f/2.8, stops when fully opened, the depth of field is very small, we can treat regular cameras use and composition skills for macro shots.

everyone knows that depth of field in addition to the lens focal length, and f‑stop, also depends on the focusing distance. Extremely short focusing distance, depth of field is often only a few millimeters. In this case, in order to ensure accurate focus and clear picture, it is best to set the camera's focus mode to manual.

when shooting still life, best to install the camera on a tripod in order to further improve focus precision. If you use manual focus viewfinder accuracy is limited, you can also use the camera's live view function, and enlarge the pictures. For earlier models do not support live view function, you can also choose to match the viewfinder magnification viewfinder or right angle viewfinder with magnification.

• working distance

we shoot is a 50mm a macro lens, you can according to your actual needs at time of purchase from 35mm to 200mm between focal length, select a most suitable lens. As with regular cameras, scenery picture proportions of cases, different lens focal length will affect the perspective of the picture. But considering the shooting distance, the impact on the macro lens is not so obvious as imagined. More important difference between different focal length macro lens focusing distance is different under the same magnification, filmed when easily frightened animals such as insects, a longer focal length macro lens less likely to interfere with them.

shooting macro, focusing is critical, especially when the aperture fully open. Even the slightest focus error can also result in you need to clear part of a blur.

• not micro-macro

maybe you will see many lens parameters are macro or English "MACRO", but this does not mean that they are a real macro lens. Zoom lens focus distance macro can only be marked on their slightly closer than the normal lens, does not mean that they can leave small things were very large.

• Note the shadow

use of shorter focal length macro lens shooting macro, camera lenses and only a few centimeters distance between subjects. The camera or photographer is likely to pay no attention to remain in the shadow of the subjects above, shooting must pay attention to this point. If this is the case, to adjust their position and camera angles. If it could not avoid the shadow, you can slightly farther away, or take off the lens hood.

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