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3 basic principles: shoot the models should avoid common mistakes
A week ago I was invited to participate in a program called "light and shadow" seminar. Will have some models for everyone in a temporary Studio in the shooting. I see some lack of knowledge in some photographers errors and repeated. So I wrote this article, this filming models – especially the female models-the 3 basic errors that should be avoided.


before you start the shooting model, you should check each other's preparation is perfect. You should see the model's makeup, hairstyle, clothing, and so on, and strive to achieve impeccable. However, we do not have here, but how to do it.

back on the seminars mentioned above, I was surprised at the conduct of some photographers, before they shoot and shoot carefully "study" model. To determine whether your model ready, does not need eyes scanned from head to foot from the feet to the head. This behavior can make models feel unnatural and uncomfortable. You make each other feel like waiting for the goods sold on supermarket shelves. So what is right?

the answer is simple. Always behind the camera through the lens look model. You can try to take some photos. Full-length picture, front, back, and then a close-up, these should suffice. Playback on the camera the pictures, check for any inappropriate places. Politely ask the models to follow your lead. And this is what I'm about to say.

perseverance is the film's virtues. You can have a variety of methods to communicate with the model and guide them. You can't be nervous or stressed, should not complain or using foul language, otherwise you will Get out of hand. Believe me, I've seen a lot of similar tragedies.

get along with the model requires training and discipline, especially new models or models with a clear attitude. You have to control your emotions, keep calm and polite. If you do not have a correct posture, Pat. Not only poses non-racket is not available.

appropriate clothing

If a photographer dressed in tight shorts, a flamboyant shirt, exposing half naked chest, what does it feel like the other models? I believe that most normal people would say, uncomfortable. I totally agree with. In order to get models to relax, you should pay attention to their words, keep a good attitude and dress appropriately.

so, next time you're ready to shoot, in discussing the models of clothing before you check your dress. Your clothes should be clean, fit, professional sense and in accordance with the professional.

when models pose in guidance, can let you control how your site is, you determine what to do, and Giving instructions correctly.

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