Introduction to photography

Low light shooting beautiful silhouette
Sometimes, even the least desirable scenario can take a good picture, as landscape photography expert ximeng·batewosi (Simon Butterworth) said: "when I took the picture was flooded when the reflections of trees, it was already quite dark. I had to seize the opportunity to take it as soon as possible, there is no better choice. During the filming, must be more trying, because you never know what will happen to the results. ”

Simon added: "this photo of the trick is, to sunset to appear in back of the subject, while all around is dark, but the trees behind the horizon is bright. This method can also be down to the object in the night sky is clear, to produce clean, vivid photos. ”

shooting tips

when the shoot such photos, and longer the exposure time the better, not only the surface blur, also moving clouds receded. Here Simon using Aperture f/8 and ISO 50, 314-second exposure time.

Although this scenario is a little Dim, but the sunset sky was brighter than the foreground. In this photo, Simon with a grey gradient mirror, to avoid the skies over exposed, which can show more surface detail.

due to the 5-minute exposure time, so better to do a few tests before shooting, adjust the camera's sensitivity to maximum and use the maximum aperture. As long as you see the exposure in histogram correctly, you can individually adjust low speed shrink the aperture and increasing exposure time.

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