Introduction to photography

Photography tips: shoot unusual lines
Look around those bright colors, colors and lines, maybe you can take an interesting and vivid picture.

If you lack inspiration, try to picture library search engine to find the color you want, such as the Getty Images photo gallery and see what new discoveries.

do not qualify for your pictures preferred or alternate colors. Sometimes, subtle colors are also very useful, such as a mixture of colors.

capture colors and lines around

this theme is the key to our usual watching all around, pay attention to the colors and shapes of things, not just concerned about the thing in itself. In a sense, this is what professional photographers make, regardless of whether they focus on color.

photography is that complexity is the essence of chaos the world into simple, easy to understand images, but also focus on color make you easier, and improve your photography skills, try to refine things around, rather than simply recording.


1.  bright yellow boots and two yellow lines on the ground constitutes a striking picture. In fact, two boots in the picture also constitute a double yellow line, and two lines perpendicular to the road surface and forms a strong sense of the picture.

2.  in this picture, color and subject to match up very well, photo composition, density, zigzag diagonals window and counter it with a blue, you also need to look closely to see enough, photo layers of depth of tactics, very engaging.

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