Introduction to photography

On a rainy day take fantastic photos
Explore the fun of photography in the rain.

it is generally accepted that, photography, and rainy days are incompatible, but if you can find photography fun on rainy days, tend to take good photos. News photographer tangmu·Mading (Tom Martin) said: "I always take my camera with me, unless it's broken. ”

"I was at the Museum of art of Catalonia took this photo of the square, a large area of water on the roads just outline the border of the Museum. What I do is focus on the reflection, and pedestrians pass by here. ”

shooting tips

when shooting at the reflection in the puddle, we have to pay attention to the color, style and shape, preferably away from the puddle a little closer.

reflection is the best thing, is not aware of u in them.

after the shower light will be very good, looking for large reflective area covering film, usually gets unexpected good photos. Night is a good time to shoot. At that time, reflections of buildings and street lamps reflected on the wet pavement.

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