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Five digital camera users should avoid using the wrong
Take lots of fuzzy, low-resolution, exposure and composition, horrible pictures of people who had never seen. They have been brainwashed by first pressing the shutter to the idea, and just realized that the subject is not always stationary, in short, too many people forget the camera is just a tool – a tool used to capture certain moments in life.

this article will outline five digital camera users need to avoid mistakes.

first, take the low resolution pictures

in order to squeeze the last point out of memory card space, someone will take a low resolution photo. If your photo is only used to send an email or upload to online dating community, then no problem. But if you want to print out the photos, even wanted to make an album that I do?

stick with the highest-resolution photograph is much more reliable. You can cut, print, enlarge them without pressure, of course, can also be compressed and then sent to the Web. Now the memory card is not expensive, it does not require too much investment.

ER、yici only take a photo

this could be from the film era "genetic" habit, because a film has only 36. But with a digital camera, you can shoot until satisfactory-and also has a feature called continuous shooting. Compared to take a picture at a time, doing so can greatly improve the success rate. If it is a photo, you have the opportunity to take a piece of everyone eyes, the smile right photo.

third, not delete photos

we almost had the idea: "keep it all of those pictures, maybe one day I'll use". Indeed, unless this is the only photo of a special event or person, or is not the case. Boldly deleted all that fuzzy, out of focus, composition and exposure of bad photos. Cold, these "junk" pile up faster than you can imagine.

an error associated with it is not to judge photos import computer. In camera that is small and low resolution of the screen it's hard to really judge the quality of a photograph. So please be sure to import them into your computer, and delete those "bad" photos.

four, not practice using camera

Ah, automatically. Why people think that automatically sets to take the best picture? Most of the time is automatically set to get just one "OK" photograph. You should read the instructions carefully, learning on the Internet (such as new photography photography classrooms), and practice. You need to study on their own in an environment to get the best results.

five, poor composition

maybe your grandmother's floral sofa and hangs on the wall of art is nothing, but in a photograph or other photos, it can take the initiative to the composition. Make people closer, sat down, changing the center of gravity, transform lighting, and so on, which can take different photos.

these are your error should be corrected as soon as possible. First of all, the camera is set for high resolution and continuous shooting. And then go and buy a large capacity memory card. Then delete the pictures that you shouldn't stay on and try to practice using the camera--anytime, anywhere. Finally, pondered how to shoot before shooting. May wish to pause before the shutter, I believe you will soon enter a new realm.

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