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Beginners should know about photography
Understanding photography

     photography involves a wide range of plants to birds, insects, and herds of wildlife photo. They in addition to be used for advertising goods, also made important education publications, magazines, and professional journals   (exhibitions), and other information. Of course, private as well as the nature and State of mind, but also provides you a driving force behind the continued input of this professional theme. Shooting photographs of the secret of success is clearly reproduce the subject and their living environment, while at the same time work with creative, non-professionals can also appreciate.

shooting methods and organization

     involved in this field, in addition to proficiency in photographic techniques, you also need to have (like biologists, ornithologists and zoologists have) special expertise. This is very useful. In a year, you have to know where and when can I find eco-shot you selected the best place and time, especially if they (animals and birds), mastering timing and foraging habits of drinking water will help you catch that moving moment.

     exercise filming locations to schedule such as the butterfly farm, plant protection areas/scientific Park such yards, where many varieties of animals and their natural environment. Zoo is where most of the animals, but the animals living environment there usually are less satisfactory, and "in the cage"   features and habitats in the wild behavior of animals in general are very different.

     animals and birds you need to have good looking for locations or expert assistance. In addition to sneak up to be good at the subject, full of observation and a lot of patience, but you also have effective arrangements in terms of the whole scene. This means that sometimes you have to disguise and nature, hide in the shelter, waiting and shoot your targets better. In the United States this type of advanced countries, part of the protected area in the planning, will house designed in the guise of square, photographers need only apply to the Park Ranger. An important habitat for the pandas in China  -  Wolong reserve has a similar setting. Another purpose of this setting is to ensure that photographers would not damage the non-open areas into precious.

     of course, not every eco-park has such a setting, so you take a while to build it up, the material in the nearby environment, large banana leaves, bamboo and tree branches. Moderate insect attack are also necessary to prevent annoying, many beginners a little habit of mosquito-repellent incense, but the animals within a few miles you can smell the taste of the nose. Wear long-sleeved clothes and sprinkle a little of the liquid for mosquito spraying. In addition, when you head to camouflage a better take on someone, that person having to stay, arise and go your prey caused by potential enemies have left the false impression.

     shooting flowers and plants, to choose the perfect sample in the natural environment, highlighting the shape, structure and colour. If it is a scientific purpose, object size scale used to display the income picture is helpful, but you can put it in the side of the frame. If necessary, and it can be cut. Picture taken important scientific records to follow two rules: one is to remember in detail the remittance journal content, including subject name, location, and time; another is not damaged or taken seriously disturbing your plants or animals.

equipment and technology

     in the field of professional photography, traditional 135 camera is the best option. Not only because you have the opportunity to choose from a variety of lenses, traditional camera fell to earthquake-resistant damp-proof ability, far better than a digital camera.  , Digital camera developed to date, high zoom ratio of more and more, that when shooting wildlife, often using a telephoto lens is particularly helpful. In particular with zoom/price ratio, digital is much cheaper than traditional. But one thing, digital still can't compare to traditional, is the demand for batteries. Previously mentioned, the fake account when shooting landscape, often spend dozens of hours. If you don't want to wear a bursting of the alternator to charge your digital camera, scaring all the native animals, traditional camera is the only option.

     but a digital camera can help beginners practicing photography techniques, especially on the flower or insect ecology in macro functions in a static shot, are still useful. At the same time, a light weight and stable tripod is essential. If your camera or hand-held meter that can measure point (SPOT) light readings, so that when you take pictures of moving birds and animals and the background at any time change the photometric values are particularly useful. In this case, automatic camera can have a good play.

simple flower photography is a good place to start

     add that shooting creatures such as insects, flowers, and an external ring Flash for fill light shooting at close range have a lot of help, you can take the small aperture is used to improve the depth of field (when outdoor shooting flowers, often interfere with the Breeze). Some more professional nature photographers, such as ecological shot nocturnal animals, bats back to the nest or when their cave ecology, you cannot use the flash light or searchlight as its powerful light. At this time, there are two ways to resolve a range of activities are nocturnal creatures near mounted electronic detection systems, if necessary, can also be installed in Flash. Then, you can fake accounts to the telescope to observe from a distance where animal tracks, and then, using radio or Infrared-activated cameras. Now more advanced practice, you are directly using infrared light or Starlight night-vision devices to shoot, then this work when infra-red searchlight or Flash is necessary, and you want to use infrared film.

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