Senior photographer on 32 16 Huangshan ice Awards
Obsessed with beauty of Huangshan, Wuhan, a senior photographer at 32 years 16 times on Huangshan, often select a sleet weather ... ... Yesterday was informed that in the recently unveiled "2011 • beauty of Huangshan (International) exhibition of photography", the newspaper reported, "Tiger fool" Lee Lee 3 works of award-winning, it was after the last two award-winning works in the video game Award for the second time.

it is understood that the events organised by the China Photographers Association, the Huangshan scenic spot Management Committee, has held two sessions. This exhibition received from Korea, and Japan, and Singapore, as well as China's 29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, more than 2000 more than more than more than 18,000 works of photography, a total of 108 won silver, bronze and Excellence Awards. The Huang Shan Dong Yun Li Li, the Huangshan mountain azaleas and the overview of the cloud won the award of excellence.

32 years ago, destination weddings and affinity of Huangshan

Li Li, 59, in 1980 when he and his wife were married, chose the popular destination weddings of the year, the first stop is the Huangshan mountain. Two men carrying a twin-lens camera and a 135-120 camera, apart from the black and white film, and there is a rare volume of "Kodak" 120 color film. To shoot a couple of colour,  they had carefully calculated the volume,  want to "steal" one.

at that time, yellow mountain road and on cable is still not completed, the couple from the foot of the mountain starting tangkou town, on foot, after a day and a half to go, also in case of rain in the middle. But when fine walking and interesting, with only an umbrella in case of rain, hold to hold the rain.

do your homework to walk "a little" mountain

since the first Mount Huangshan, Li Li also unforgettable for its beauty. Later in order to give the tiger looking for "home", 32 years, he has 16 Mount Huangshan.

"every time I go to queries weather forecast is must-do your homework before," said Li Li, "ordinary people when the weather is good up the mountain, I prefer the opposite. Because of the beauty of Huangshan after a rain and snow to capture, if it is raining or snowing or not, this ' something ' is difficult to tread. ”

Lee Lee usually busy with work, mainly on a long vacation or a weekend in Huangshan. To save time, he would take the night bus to and from. If the right weather over the weekend, Li Li ahead of your luggage ready device, carrying baggage from work straight to the bus station.

to the foot of tangkou town of Huangshan, Wuhan takes about seven or eight hours, past the bus into the soup, after Highway pass, there will be no through train.

"running for so many years, master coach and Tang kou pine hotel's large and I became friends, 3 o'clock in the morning is coming at a time when Tang kou, master would always go out of high speed ' bending the foot ' take me to the hotel, again at high speed and move on. "Li Li said.

drink sleep through eating instant noodles, "Mistral"

sleep in the soup "back to sleep" after Li Li was carrying heavy luggage up the Hill. To save time, his only hundred in the mountain the following hotels, and bring their own food. "Said the Inn is actually ten or twenty people in a Chase, sleep is the bed. ”

very cold at night in the mountains, quilt Chao, Li Li and sometimes sleeping with only, and would not even boot off. Next day at 4 o'clock in the morning, he gets up to go out to shoot the sunrise.

in 2004, the teenage photographers younger than Li Li Wang Zhenwu started traveling with him, and to be the best partner.

Wang Zhenwu told reporters, the most memorable of last winter on the Huangshan mountain, snow, cold-11 two people up the Hill, "we selected the best photography is an outlet, carrying his camera to shoot a few frozen, get Lee a break then. ”

Lee Lee said with a smile, friends say he frequently go to Huangshan, this is crazy, but he enjoyed this obsession, "Huangshan is shooting yourself with a natural mind fair,  visits, expected and tangled, hard, feeling,  I enjoy the process. For so many years, Huangshan mountain is not enough. "

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