What figure should have what kind of wedding dress
Old photos, for taking wedding photos of married women, and perhaps they are also immersed in a beautiful moment of your wedding dress, and is about to shoot the wedding how about new people! Excited, nervous, happy, estimates are also overwhelmed with emotions!


      a perfect wedding is we all want to see, when friends and relatives of the couple-friendly wedding when their sister, good friends wedding, could not help will envy! That can have this effect is undeniable, of course, the bride wedding dress, the groom's dress. New wedding dresses, gowns and what styles will now give you an introduction.

     1.A type wedding dress, giving long,  

      whole design just like the English numbers, a general, upper body tight and narrow waist, take advantage of widening a wedding dress design. Due to the waist is quite obvious, sense of overall is a straight line from top to bottom, will look on the overall feel of a higher pick. General brides of all ages.

     2.-fit, can reflect the couple's noble sense of  

     -skin design wedding dresses from top to bottom, gives a sense of nobility as a whole, if you are in a small but exquisite venues wedding, wear this kind of wedding dresses, we can highlight your noble qualities.

     3.Priness Line-to give people a sense of elegance

      upper body-fitting, Bai natural waist to skirt from the waist width type wedding dress, this kind of wedding dress designs are quite common, with waist wedding dress design of Bai is different, with different venues.

     4.-Ponte skirt, a magnificent all the globe turned not

      constriction at the waist behind, and Bai as Bell-like waist to skirt wedding dress design, specifically in the spacious hall will showcase its ornate feeling.

     5. tail-a sense of elegant temperament and yet have a mature  

      in thin narrow design concept, lap the following sudden broad skirt of Bai as the mermaid tail design, specifically in the spacious venue to highlight the overall sense.

     6.-knee short wedding dress  

      Bai skirt to the knee, and overall feel is light and lovely, for a relaxing outdoor banquets and weddings abroad.

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