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Tidal wave after wave of marriage came raging, many newcomers are often a crowd always follow in the back, don't know, have their own personality, style, and you have your shooting style. Choose the right Wedding Photo Studio, your life will be reflected here.

    wedding photo studio and compare wedding photography studio shot style has a very big difference, certainly does not rule out the well done Wedding Photography Studio. Wedding photo studio style, there are basically three kinds, you can according to their own circumstances of reference, your looking at a set of your wedding photos.

     wedding photography of interiors, this is the most traditional way. Professional wedding photo studio, by a professional make-up artist, photographer before the wedding indoors in artificial background, this option is more convenient, but also very tired. The wedding day will be able to complete, and wedding photo studio inside the biggest advantage is that make-up artists, lighting can do is put in place, could have appeared in all your beautiful strength, and your beautiful and simple backdrop over Interior. Of course, this new style, Interior wedding photos should look at is people clothes!! Looks rather dull.  

     Hing wedding photo studio interiors exteriors, now young people are more separated in such a way, 

with the rise of wedding photography studio, on-location photo gradually became the new people's choice. On-location filming for the Interior flexibility, prices are relatively high, while on the set of the maximum benefit is your demeanor will become natural, beautiful scenery as a foil. Exterior space, give photographers a great space to avoid defects, another long-view of the lens used, will take you into one of the most beautiful scenery, natural looks and distinctive poetic wedding, which is centered around the scene lining the effect.

     honeymoon travel all on-location wedding and wedding photography in another way, for young people who require high, quiet beauty may choose to shoot the wedding, honeymoon travel at the same time, and true into the arms of nature. Therefore to leave each other usually have not found side.  

     It is clear that this kind of wedding photography to capital investment is relatively high, currently the most popular honeymoon location in Hainan, Yunnan, Xizang, Sichuan and other. Honeymoon tour of all on-location wedding costs are highest. With photographers and make-up artists, visit the photograph, plus all costs, weak financial capability of the couple according to their own circumstances, do not blindly follow!

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