A bride is entering the Hall should be the basic makeup
Married when important things a bride looks is important, a good bride makeup can make the entire wedding more gods colored, is also decorated the bride's best practices, here who can't relax! It is related to whether a bride appeared at the wedding with confidence.

    no matter how you get married is an important event in one's life, in exquisite wedding dress bride sure is the focus of most attention throughout the wedding, a bridal makeup is different from ordinary makeup, Bridal makeup seems to be especially careful. To focus on more than just the face type, colour, decoration, make-up the overall performance on a particular nature, elegance, festivity, lasting performance, and makeup does not fall off.

    on the whole, the bride's dress, special attention is the overall aesthetic. To focus on hair, make-up, accessories, dress, Veil, bouquet, personal appearance, temperament must be meticulously carved, as a result, an amazing bridal makeup will come out.

    a girl's childhood dream is to marry people who love each other, the moment when wearing a wedding dress, she is not the girl that didn't know anything. From that day on, she is not only a beautiful bride, but the man loves her. Wedding dress included a woman for love, marriage, all the better. Spirits of this day, a perfect bridal makeup and what steps does!

    on makeup at the same time, we should also take into account after making up problems that may occur, of course, do not want to get married then skin was Vice! So should first complete basic maintenance, in accordance with the standard process by putting on makeup for makeup.

   : after the maintenance is based on the Foundation. Makeup, hair, lips, nose, angle, such as, mouth, neck, uniform wipe. Foundation color slightly lighter than the skin, but not too white, to Pink is better.

    to face a modified dark Foundation with a cosmetic face, face to the width of the bride, dark powder paste can be applied on both sides of the cheek, face more elderly people could focus on the applied to the forehead and Chin.

    then modified some blemishes on the face, wipe light Foundation in dark circles can deepen the brightness of the face and the forehead, making features more solid. For spots, scars, nose shadows are carefully decorated. When you want to conceal dark circles, or dark spots, first cover spot cream gently on the cover, with a powder puff.

    can make the skin more elastic, but also transparency is relatively good, powder lightly before a thin coat applied, transparent powder, gently push a layer, make the Foundation more fixed.

    eyebrow makeup one of the most important joints, to draw the soft natural eyebrows, you can use the eyebrow brush or brush lightly with a similar hair color of eye shadow powder.

    eye retouching, eyelids are not obvious or a single pair of adhesive paper or embellishment, and eye shadows should be painted with a festivity of eye shadow, which showed soft icing, choice we have colors such as pink, purple, blue, skin black bride to use orange, Golden, Brown facial features look more downy.

    eyeliner is a detail, a pair of beautiful eyes, also need to be painted looking eyeliner, eyeliner emphasizes eye contact again. Bride when the painted eye shadow, eyeliner strokes after the first, to make the eyeshadow easy makeup and more sense of depth, available liquid eyeliner to draw it again.

    modifier clip curling lashes, brush up, and then put on natural false eyelashes, make the eye more bright more solid.

    immediately following the nose shadow this off, nose shadow face ratio should be smooth, natural, solid and symmetrical effects.

    lip effect, according to the bride's complexion, lip-type, and if the skin is the bold choice of white, rose red. Colour black or mouth is not for light colored lipstick, lip pencil lip, apply lipstick, and finally a layer of gloss lip balm, make the lips look beautiful drips.

    blush without making more, light blush can reflect a bride's subtle, brush with a little blush and powder modified shape, making the bride look softer and festivity. Blush is drawn down the cheekbones, face the elderly, to draw in the nose; face shorter, to draw on her lips.

    finally is the nails, a layer of nail polish to protect the oil first, color choices with natural elegance and principle tie in with the overall bridal makeup color.

    learning is essentially near-perfect, makeup is easy, hard is no want to learn it. In order to make a beautiful bride, how to shoot it!

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