Also to be thrifty, teach you how to achieve wedding maximum price/performance
When we were in the wedding, always think it will be put into a big, spend more money. In fact, just pay attention to the following points, taking good photos and affordable can both have:

    1, the first step is to set the price, price range is the basis of all, set the prices on specific content, also need to be aware there is no extra spending? travel expenses, tickets prices? how much film? according to own actual need to finalize shooting package price.


    2, determine what you want. Do not think that the things in the package, the more you get, the more popular, fit is the best

     (1) movies. According to their new home area, need to hang pictures of rooms, whether sent married parents decide to enlarge the number of photos. But to say, there were quality problems, free of charge to repair is necessary, and is free for life.


     (2) ornaments. Want some chic ornaments, plays a decorative role in the new House. Many wedding photography studio or Studio will send a few to his guests.


     (3) albums. Budget to create basic, to whom, wedding with the past, quality assurance is, after all, have to save for years, don't wait to grow old, when photos were damaged or faded.


    3, shooting consumption over the medium term is clearly written, ampoule, flowers, all kinds of accessories, free things must be written in the contract. Put an end to any secondary consumption of produce, so as to avoid wedding photos a day. Feeling under the weather, anything unpleasant!


    4, dress sets. In order to determine if the dress number should be the bride and groom's clothes plus is a set, then say hello have a casual, and is not included in the sets. In order to write clearly. There are interior, exterior sets. To determine or specify before shooting can be chosen arbitrarily.


after     5 and determines what they want, I'll tell him, change of products according to their actual needs. As far as original cost of replacement, take a closer look at merchant's service promise is to humanity.


    6, go to the wedding the best non-weekend hours, photo day to avoid holidays and the week 6th. Location this way fewer people, take pictures will be very smooth, makeup artist and photographer.


    7, the best two-day shoot, this time more abundant, not tight, and filmed two days to say hello, time together, can still separate filmed so that more flexible.      


     wedding photos, just to prepare, details about the good, then everything will become more automatic, affordable wedding photos is no longer far away.

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