"Two photographers" won the national award (pictured) I Sohu
Taihai NET on March 10 (Strait Herald reporter   Wu Xinhua   communities Intelligencer   Gao Xiaohui) plate on the left foot, right hand lost 3 fingers, still with the left thumb and index finger of his right hand, take one of our award-winning work. He is "two photographers" boom, 75 years old this year.

takeoff is Xiamen University photography workshop participants, working in metal products factory before he retired, because of an accident, serious injuries he was disabled. Lao Zhang did not bow to fate, retired, disabled persons ' Federation sent him to learn photography. Lift the camera, for ordinary people, is a usual thing, it's particularly difficult for Zhang. With the left hand holding the bottom of the fuselage, use thumb and index finger to hold the camera to stabilize the lens, the right hand holding the camera side of the handshake, the finger touch of the shutter button, which is a normal posture pictures; but old only the index finger and thumb of the right hand, in order to stabilize the camera, his Palm with your right hand holding the camera, index finger pressing the shutter, he kind of kept going.

"the hardest part is not to take the camera, but my feet, it's hard to remain stable. "Lao Zhang said hot summer day, he dragged his leg stump with a tripod, top shooting   of the haicang bridge at night, a steep hill that he could not walk, and finally whether rolled or slid down the mountain, tore clothes, hands and feet are also injured.

he also shot people with disabilities work, and was sent to Taiwan island, Golden Gate exhibit, the sunshine of his marriage and the marathon second prize of province a, respectively, the essence of Sun and moon won the national body Photography Award. Old photos are a lot of people's favorite, he said, "people can do things, we people with disabilities can do it too", he would like to use these photos to you that disabled persons can also do well.  

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