2012 Helsinki photography biennial exhibition opening
Helsinki, Helsinki-2012 biennial photography exhibition opening is a series of events, showing the Finland international photography and contemporary art. 2012 biennial exhibition theme: elegant and urban. Biennial exhibition from Finland Federation of photography artists organization. &Nbsp;

2012 biennial photography exhibition in Helsinki is the main exhibition, and cooperative organizations of the Helsinki City Museum, the place is in Hakasalmi Villa (19 artists) and Sederholm House (there are 13 artists), as well as union's own Photographic Gallery  Hippolyte (2 artists). Exhibition is a photographic artist by Ari Kakkinen Marko Karo, Harri P to the lviranta, Kari Soinio  and Hanna Weselius  as well as the Helsinki City Museum researchers  Jari  Common planning of Harju.  

works at the fair shows the landscape of urban space.  

2012 Helsinki photography biennial exhibition began in 1980, when name is photography-daily art by 2000-2009 became known as the Helsinki photography Festival. Finland Federation of photography artists began 3 years ago organized every three years of the show, became the triennial of photography in Helsinki. Since 2012 and beyond, two exhibitions jointly established the Helsinki Biennale exhibition, organized in April each year. Biennale's mission now is to bring photographic works of art to the public.

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