Tourist photos against consumption trap
Now, shoot the wedding, more and more people, wedding photo studio competition is increasing, the price war is amusing. Consumption and naturally the newcomers get a lot of benefits, but also hidden behind the low prices of the infinite pitfalls, how should we prevent it? First of all, let us look at what the trap bar.

       low price bait will help you cross over  

       tourism General wedding photography studio wedding photography services, wedding photo studio because of high prices is not much on this project. And low price wedding photography studio "tourist wedding" not much has been introduced, but they were very urgent calls customers "interview".


       photos in the suburbs can swell a  

       shidu, Botanical Garden, Xiangshan, Beijing is a new scenic spots have been first choice for shooting people, hot "tourist wedding" photography Wedding Photography Studio is said to shoot the scenic tourist wedding one of the lines. For a photographic workshop's staff said their tour wedding photography prices for more than 3,000 yuan. She showing customers a lot of travel wedding work when customers ask when staff refused to answer: "now botanical garden it is best to be alone I went to shidu. "When what is the difference between customer's question and location photographs, staff admit that their only location, and also said that" this is not tourism, too? ”


        yan, photographers live and eat new take on  

      10 wedding photography studio, 7, 8, most of the quotations are from 4000 Yuan, shooting a day increase the price of 1600 Yuan to 2000 Yuan. On the surface, this price may not seem high, but this does not include the new people and photographers room and ticket expenses. Studio presenting these costs as "industry". If everyone accepted in other places, no one will doubt, but seems to work in Beijing, new consumer attitudes are different. In Beijing, a photographer can take at least two or three a day, but if you go to other provinces and cities, he would shoot a, so the photographer's fees must be borne by the couple.


       We're making a travel wedding, and wedding photography studio on time, must leave some really shop around, ask, ask all possible stealth consumption has, so as to get pleasant satisfaction of wedding photos.

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