Understanding fill light to get photos not lack color
The wedding without light there is no color, shoot out wedding photos would be dark. For humans, light and air, water and food, are indispensable. Eyes are the most important sensory organs, adaptable of the human eye to light, the pupil can be adjusted with ambient light and shade.

     find enough so their wedding photos, so what do I do, make up, but how do we fill it, let us know the fill light is what.

     light also known as auxiliary light, as the name suggests, it is the role of supplementary lighting the shadows, the shadows become pale. Actually, the fill light can be with the same soft light lamp light, by lighting the distance or the output power to adjust its ratio with the main light. If light exposure 3-speed less than the light aperture, the ratio is 1:3, which means that the result will be darker shadows. If light intensity near the main light, for example, level difference between Aperture, then the shadows become very pale. For the sake of simplicity, light light sources can be fixed to the ceiling or wall, just by adjusting the power output to control the shade of the shadow. As to how to make the fill light and key light is the best light, you can * test over and over again.

     called fill light, and is usually situated on or close to the camera axis, about subjects as light sources for general lighting purposes, the purpose of which is to make shadow detail can get proper exposure.  

     wedding only a fill light, which provided lighting is quite plain. Because the lights from the camera axis to display a satisfactory contour or shape of the solid object. This light does not produce important highlights, so many photographers use a relatively soft, or diffuse light source. White reflective umbrella, light device, or a large range of diffused light is often used as a fill light.

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