After the wedding need to grasp the main optical shutter
Wedding is not aligned with the camera shutter so simple, here we see how to use professional wedding photographers photos of beauty and transformation of light, below we look at wedding photography one of the points of light.

   in wedding photography, in order to create expressive images, the main light to illuminate the scene. When filming the movie, require light from different directions in the lighting scenes, but in the light, and there will be a light playing a leading role, which is light, light marks the main characteristics of the light source and project direction, shape, contour and texture of the scene. Shaping of art images, light plays a decisive role, other light plays a sidekick role. Accordingly, it is also referred to as plastic light key light. In film photography, whether it is on-location photography or interior photography, we must first determine the location of each light in the scene. Because each lens in the same scene, no matter what views from different changes, the actual shooting time and location, the main orientation of the light is uniform and may not be changed.  

     main decided Guang subjects preferred lighting of the lighting pattern, while other lights can only play a supporting role. Modern Studio used by the main light is usually issued by the soft light boxes. Soft light lamp because its light is more uniform, easy to control. So-called soft light lamp is usually one or a few light bulbs in a box, by scattering of light soft box cover (usually made from plastic or textile) on the subjects of lighting, box larger bulbs more power, the stronger the range more widely. For general photography, Aperture is about one square meter of soft light box can handle. The lighting distance and angle can be adjusted according to need, and exposure is determined according to the light.

   wedding photographer under sun light effect characteristic and changes of natural light, combined with the need of artistic creation, such as story time and space, shape the atmosphere of various characters, rendering certain needs, careful design and determine the direction of light. Should consider the following points: ① plot, character of the scene control; II Interior day door location, character distance away from doors and Windows and view of c night view of the different nature of the light source (such as the Moon, street lamps, lights, oil lamps, candles, matches, light).

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