Help you to get rid of arm, put you at ease, stepping into the Hall

marriage of life events, often disturbed because of their so-called shortcomings to mood, every bride wants on their wedding day to show all the style, but usually do not pay attention, led to the problem, such as more working girls from childhood, arm relative to other people, is relatively thick. Today, thin arms became the bride's stone heart.

    in fact, thin arms can have a lot of different ways, including thin arm movements, can go to a beauty salon for arm care, at home with a thin arm massage can also, for the arms of different options for different thin arms.

    If you would like insurance is, of course, choose a lean arm movement, but before marriage would be very busy, then you can also choose fiber arm care professional, usually with a thin arm massage, it would have been more efficient thin arms.

    summer is approaching, many women want to his shoulder and arm, and cumbersome Butterfly sleeves, thick upper arms, these usually inconspicuous problem becomes the biggest problem at the moment. Want to wear the most beautiful wedding dress for the wedding, showing slim compact body-arm? married former American arm plans customized for you sexy arms.

    here are some skinny arm training can eliminate arm Flab:

   1. belongs to the stout arm flab accumulated bride

    arm fat is always unconsciously accumulated, especially after over 25 years of age, metabolism slows down women's arms soon became stout, fat accumulation. Arm fat brides, the following method is able to respond quickly and effectively to eliminate excess fat, reproduce the slender arm.

   2. quick to eliminate arm flab

    this exercise can not only train to the arm side of the movement, but also help to strengthen chest muscles.

    skinny arms from this point on it: on his back lying on the bench or on the ball with your knees bent, feet flat on the ground. Hands holding a dumbbell, respectively, placed in the chest, palms forward, elbows pointing to the ground. This is your potential.

    slowly raise dumbbell, attention will force gradually extended from upper arm to the chest, rather than just the power of the elbow.

    relaxation of chest muscles, hang on for a while, and then slowly put down the weights, reposition the chest. Each set of 12 times, contact 2 groups at a time.

    now prevailing in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and hot and cold body bandages on the network, is said to be made according to the principle of a professional body contouring. Simply containing slimming ingredients 30-40 minutes on the gauze wrapped around his arms, you can achieve the effect of firming cellulite.

    bandage has two types of hot and cold, hot slim bandages bandages and frozen fat soluble fiber swelling, heat bandage promote metabolism, increase the basal metabolic rate, speed up the decomposition of the body of excess fat, and cold bandages can help strengthen the skin elasticity, tightening the arm lines. Once a day, links 7 days you can see the obvious effects.

   3. the arms loose not tight bride

    some brides arm flab is not a lot, just looked baggy and not tight, so all you need is care scheme with sculpture tightening the arm lines are, tighten the inner arm massage

pre-marriage fiber arm care professional treatment.

   4. more arm fat, fat bride

    ultrasonic slimming instrument suitable for local slimming, especially thick fat using weight loss cream applied ultrasonic into fat cells, prompting the arm muscles severe vibration and arm fat consumption!

    in fact, apart from a few ways, some can not only give you listed, but you can still try the above said, I believe, wedding day you will be the most confident and show to everyone.

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