Choose the right dress can make your wedding unforgettable
  Wear Chinese dress into the Hall, everyone seemingly unfazed to hear that, after a lot of odd marriage after Chung, members of some of the more novel and curious marriage of more generous acceptance. So always wear the wedding into the Hall into a cheongsam and is going to be about how to make your wedding unforgettable!

     from the early 90 's of the last century, wedding fashion wear qipao. For so many years, the qipao has enriched every aspect from the style, color, texture, and become a favourite Oriental brides.

     first seen from the dress color, red is suitable for older brides, as the big red to show the bride's sedate. Instead rose more suitable for young brides, because their skin the skin very well, lined with roses red, youth can make the bride look beautiful. Deep red is suitable for mature Saint to the women. White for more lucrative and pay attention to the quality of life of the bride. There are other colors the bride could consider it.

     second, the bride should choose what kind of dress styles to bring out your own body! Skinny bride strictly speaking are not fit to wear the qipao. Coarse large fit x-body dress, this style can be overly plump hips to hide effects. Character and lively bride fit x, bride standing lines can more easily than others. The average person finds that reveals the exquisite figure dress, only tall woman's patent. Of course not! New dress from long to short, such as knee-length dress, even the little bride, can wear a classic beauty. Shapely legs good Cha ch, brides wear on both sides can show physical advantage. Another important element of the new dress, light bright colours on behalf of jubilant, especially suitable for skinned bride, so that they look more eye-catching, glamour.

     from the bride's face paired with the neckline of the dress choices, bride with a long elegant neck suits wearing Turtleneck dress. Neck short collarless suits the bride.

     new dress fabric considerations, as far as possible without regard to rayon and polyester fabric, because it is very easy to static electricity. Spring, summer and autumn seasons wedding should consider using clear thin materials such as silk, color and not too heavy winter wedding the best selection of Brocade, this material can set off the luxury wedding.

     Finally, hairstyles and hair ornaments, the bride can pan head, but can also be considered first, Perm hair naturally hangs down or in fact do the same. Regardless of the hair comb, should consider using some hair accessories, hair color dress is the color of the same color, or the correspondence, so that the bride's dress from the whole will have a sense of unity. Thinning hair should be done to wing it.

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